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we offer a full spectrum of video development services. Whether you need innovative visual effects, engaging animations, or seamless post-production, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life. We guarantee support at all stages of development and truly value your ideas.

We offer 3D graphics and animation for various business needs, including marketing, product design, and virtual reality.
3D graphics enhance visualization, boost business efficiency, increase customer engagement, and elevate your brand.
Enhance your brand with our expert 3D graphics and animation services tailored to your specific needs.

Effective communication of ideas: 2D animation makes complex concepts easy to understand, making it ideal for explainer videos, educational materials, and advertising campaigns.
Its versatility allows for various styles and visual effects, from simple and stylized to intricate and realistic.
Use 2D animation to achieve maximum results in your business presentations.

Bring your stories to life with our exceptional character animation services. 
We specialize in breathing life into characters, ensuring every movement, facial expression, and gesture reflects their unique personality. 
Use dynamic and expressive characters that will grab attention and effectively convey emotion

We offer comprehensive visual effects services and turnkey shoots, including in-depth project analysis, concept and script development, location selection, and the assembly of a professional team.
Using advanced equipment and technologies with meticulous attention to detail, one key aspect of our approach is supervising the project to ensure all footage meets post-production requirements

Post-production is the final stage of video creation, turning footage into a finished product.
We offer comprehensive post-production services, including video editing, color correction, visual effects and 3D graphics, and sound and music.
Our services ensure professional quality, creative execution, and precise alignment with your vision. Trust us to make your project unforgettable

Sound design is the art of crafting auditory experiences to complement visual storytelling, immersing viewers in the narrative's atmosphere and emotion. It encompasses various elements meticulously curated to enhance the overall impact of the audio-visual presentation.
Make your story come alive and resonate deeply with your audience by harnessing the power of sound design to enrich every moment and emotion

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why [squád] studio?

our goal is high performance for our clients. Choosing [squád] studio means you get full team engagement, 24/7 support, a personalized approach, creative solutions, and advanced technologies.

#1 high quality
we pay attention to every detail and guarantee the highest level of graphics for your projects
#2 precision in execution
our experts work with precision and adhere to all requirements to ensure flawless results.
#3 speed of work
thanks to experience and optimization, we work fast while maintaining high quality and precision
#4 step-by-step
we show every step of the job so you can follow the project and make changes
#5 flexible approach
we value openness and are willing to discuss the project, finding the best solutions
#6 budget savings
graphics are often less expensive than shooting the footage, while providing more opportunities

why your [business needs 3D]

saving time

3D content allows you to experiment and make changes without expensive physical projects


it allows your brand to adapt to current trends and express its uniqueness

visual appeal

nowadays, visual experiences are key, and 3D content helps your business stand out in the marketplace


explore a selection of our cases, where we showcase success stories and creative solutions we've crafted for our clients.

Over 5 years of experience

More than 250 completed projects

Leading experts in VFX and animation

we believe our team is our greatest asset, striving to attract and develop talent as part of our extended family. We explore new markets and build teams with an original approach to content creation. Our creativity is driven by results, not just commerce.

Meet Our Team

Pavel Musin

[Ceo / producer]

Liliia Harbuz

[Project manager]

Oleksandr Kalynchuk

[CG supervisor / CG artist]

Yana Moskalenko

[Project manager]

David Krivets

[Art director / CG artist]

Alexandr Grinchuk

[CG artist]

Yurii Avramenko

[CG artist]

Vlad Lischenko

[Character animator]

Jake Nesenenko

[CG artist]

Anastasia Bilous

[CG artist / Compositing artist]

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